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Thursday, October 7, 2010 Y 1:14 AM

I'mma talking to myself~ Hahas, finally updating my blog after FOUR months. :P
Well, I'm leaving this blog to die cos i think its pretty troublesome to take care of a blog, yeah?
Good perseverence ain't for me. Heheh. Exams over too.
Pretty happy~! But the following 6 days i am going to rot at home? o,o
Nobody ask me out dun go le~ Heh. Also not much to talk bout actually.
Currently TRYING to work out a storybook, but think it's gonna fail.
Cos perseverence's not with me. (:
I guess this is it I think..
MouseHunt-ing on FB!

YiFan; I lazy type out wat happened during ATC.. ><

Wish you the best. (:

Friday, June 4, 2010 Y 1:30 AM

Yohs!! One final post before going for Area Training Camp (ATC). :D
I will TRY to post about the camp if i'm not beat enough and if my memory serves.
And just a short flash, had a great npcc bbq at punggol park. :D
Will also TRY to have a full post bout it after three days. :]
Well, that's how short my post will be.
See you three days later or longer! >:D

I just cant forget...

Friday, April 30, 2010 Y 11:34 PM

I'm just another human...
Today had a little rehearsal for NPCC day. Not successful... I will say...
Should say we damn hyper? Or super noisy? LOLLOL!
Anyways, bus-ed to Hougang Mall with zoe, eileen and qingqing.
On the bus, i sit with eileen. :D Talk super lots of secrets.
Then when reaching the bus stop to alight, zoe called out 'qiaobin!'
Then i 'interchange!' . Hahas. zoe, i know whatcha thinking! >:D
Lunch-ed at Long John Silver and talked bout rumours and so on..
Not rumours on people, but on g-h-o-s-t. LOL!
Then about 16.16 i think? :0 went to rooftop and 'slack'. :D
But on the way up go minitoons and popular. Shopped for handphone strips. :D
Bought the same one with eileen darling. XD Bought voodoo doll also. (:
Then go rooftop 'slack' lor~ Hehe. After a while eileen leave le. ): eileen ~!
Then left zoe, qingqing and me. :D Listen to songs, emo, blah blah blah. Hahas.
A while later, saw policemen. o_o asking another bunch of other school the names..?
2 bunch of other school in total. All more than six. LOL. But we only 3 ppl so they did nth.
But we hurriedly left anyway. Hahas. Then go home lorh.
zoe walked home, so, different direction. zoe ~!
walk together to the bus stop with qingqing. Talk abit of secret, then her bus came. o_o
qingqing ~! hahas. then my bus came too. boarded and alighted.
reached home, arrange the clothes. Then bath. :DD
Then, before parents arrived home, had a breakdown. LOL.
Later again, another one. hahas. But luckily dearie there for me. Thx dearie. ^^
You cheerup too kays? (: You wouldn't want triple eye lid. :p
dearie! a-ri-ga-toh! ;) Love you. Mwah. x3
And after today, i verified one thing.
NPCC friends are so much more better than the 'friends' i see.
Hypocrite so what? Better than someone who has a double face that changes straight away.
Make it sound so much like another person's fault and she's innocent. Sisters like that ar? Zia sai ar!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Y 12:23 AM

Hey guys. (:
Long time no 'see'. Hahas. Quite long never post.. Miss me? :D
Well, cos tml having Chinese Test.. Then, here to wish lucks for us. :)
Jiayous for the test! :D
And, pay a visit to my sister to my sister's e-shop. :) Thanks. :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 Y 5:21 PM

Will post bout last week activities for as long as i could rmb. (:

1st February is forgotten. As well as 2nd and 4th February. I only rmb one day in the week that there's Monitor investiture..

3rd February.
Had school as normal.. Except that there is early dismissal. :D
For me, alone, in that class. [:
Cos going to the HTA for NPAP trainings. Gotta use baton so it's really good. (:
Getta meet some other school de NPCC cadets.
Some came to our school to take the bus there.
Bowen Sec, Holy Innocent High and Xinmin Sec and Hougang..
Yup, that's all.
The few schools in area 6 that came to our school.
Go there, waited for other school de ppl to come. Then had trainings.
Had tea break!! :DD From the time they release us till 4.30pm.
Had hotdog bread, brownie(?) and one thing that's forgotten..
Then training again. After that, release. Went to the bus one school by one school.
When we went to near the car park, we have to salute cos the flag is coming down.
Then saw my cousin jogging. (: SO COOL! XD
But he never saw me though. Haha.
Then reached home at about 7.58pm? ((:

5 February
Had NPAP training as well! :D Only rmbed the days with trainings. :P
Today, the whole school had early dismissal at 12.30pm.
But gotta stay back cos never do finish the maths that was supposed to be done.
Mainly cos i was dismissed early for the NPAP training on wed.
So stay back and do it. But keep having mistakes and was held back longer...
Until about 2 then Ms Judy Ng dismiss me.. -.-
Can't even have my lunch eaten.. So hungry on the way there. Stomach keep growling..
We are about the last area 6 squad to be there.
Anyway, we, whole of area 6, joined with area 5, was called contigent 3.
But i think we will be splitting tml into seperate contigents..
After training for a while, it started raining. It was cooling. (: And like finally, tea break..
Had pandan cake, curry puff and one 'cake'.
Again, back to training.. Was kinda slack though. Haha.
Then released, waited, arrived (bus), boarded, alighted...
Reached home much later than the first time.. Almost reaching nine i think.. Yup..
And oh yeah! My Npcc de belt broke on that fateful day.. )):

Then 6 February.. Had NPCC as normal of course. ((:
Didn't wear full-u cos was given the priviledged.
Wear MUFTI cos don't dare to borrow belt from NP room. :P
After training, went to mall and slack(?).
With QingQing, HuiXin, YiFan, QiuFeng and Zavier plus a not-so-wanna-mention, Lai yi.
He sucks to the core. -.- ^
Ate at LongJohn and buy friendship band and went off to library to borrow books..
So guai right? :D
Sunday forgotten what i did.. Short memory.. (:

Monday was almost late.. But managed to get there in time also.
Almost forgotten to bring tie. But managed to rmb also. Haha.
So the day passed and now is today..? Yup...
Came and passed. Determined to do homework first before switching on the comp.
But the opposite effect came.. On first instead of doing homework first.. ==
So, after posting this, will be returning to the world of home work..
Yeah... This is
-The End-

Just focus on her..
Don't mind bout me..
After all, she's hard to take.

Sunday, January 31, 2010 Y 9:21 PM

Erm.. Suppose to post this ytd but kind of forgotten. ;P

Saturday, January 30, 2010 Y 1:32 PM

Today is Saturday! Saturday is for rest! NO! Saturday is for HSNP! :D *cheers*
So as expected, today training was kinda tough too. Haha. Hmm. How to say? Not tough too actually..
Had a long-time-no-see sizing drill. :) A few marching drills and so on. After that had PT and slacked..?
Cos really nothing to do since NCOs not there.. But soon enough, they came..
So went to the field and do pumping, 'crotches'. And when doing pumping, again, those who left for HLC came back. :DD
After that ran bout three rounds round the field. ENDURE! is what the NCO say. :) And so we did.
Then went to the atrium and do some cheerings. Then stand up and fall in.
And when BESURAI super funny. :D Or rather before that? 'KE KANAN NUROSE' is one full arm up.
But cos too squeezy, we do elbow. And that's when the funny thing happen!
We are suppose to put our hand on the hips or waist. But dunno due to who's mistake,
we ended putting our hand on somewhere near the chest! LOL. Like some super hero like that. HAHA!
But after that know the mistake lor. So funny. :D
Who's that person beside you? Kinda fun tough! :))
Trick you again next time. ;)


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